Rs 25 Crore Onam Bumper Lottery Results to be Announced Today at 2 PM; Ticket Sales Open Until Noon

The anticipation is mounting as the state awaits the announcement of the Onam Bumper Lottery draw results, scheduled for 2 PM today. The ticket sales for this lottery have been a resounding success, with people from both rural and urban areas gathering in groups to purchase tickets. The grand prize for this lottery is Rs 25 crore.

This year, the monsoon bumper lottery’s first prize was won by the ‘Harithakarma Sena’ workers who pooled their resources to buy lottery tickets. This heartwarming practice resonated with many, leading to a significant increase in ticket sales. Those who purchase tickets collectively in this manner will establish a joint account to manage the winnings, should they be fortunate enough to win the lottery. The prize money will be transferred to this shared account.

Alternatively, winners can opt to entrust the distribution of the prize money to the Lottery Department. If the winning group provides a detailed plan on how to divide the winnings, the money will be distributed accordingly to each member’s account.

This year, a total of 74 lakh tickets were sold by Tuesday, and this number is expected to reach 76 lakhs by Wednesday afternoon, out of the 85 lakh tickets printed. Due to high demand, agents are permitted to purchase tickets from the lottery office until 10 AM today. In contrast, last year, ticket distribution ceased on the eve of the draw when 67.5 lakh tickets were sold. Each ticket is priced at Rs 500.

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