India Clinches Historic Gold in Equestrian at Asian Games 2023 After 41 Years

In a historic victory at the 2023 Asian Games, India secured a gold medal in the equestrian dressage category, marking a remarkable 41-year gap since their last gold in the sport at the Asian Games.

The Indian equestrian team, comprising Sudipti Hajela, Divyakriti Singh, Hriday Chheda, and Anush Agarwala, achieved a remarkable score of 209.206 percentage points. This exceptional performance placed them ahead of the host nation, China, which scored 204.882 points. Hong Kong China secured the bronze medal with a score of 204.852. Notably, this win represents India’s third gold medal at the 2023 Asian Games.

This significant victory marks India’s 14th medal at the Asian Games, adding to their impressive tally. Earlier in the competition, Neha Thakur clinched the first medal for India, securing silver in the sailing event.

This historic gold medal in equestrian showcases India’s prowess in a sport that has seen a four-decade-long gap in gold medal achievements, making it a momentous occasion for Indian sports and equestrian enthusiasts.

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