Crackdown on Noise Pollution: Places of Worship Given 24 Hours to Remove Horn Speakers

In a move to combat noise pollution, more than 250 places of worship in the state have received notices. The notices come in response to complaints lodged with the Home Affairs department. Over the past weeks, several establishments have been served notices instructing the removal of horn speakers (trumpet horns) due to a law prohibiting their use. The notice explicitly warns of legal consequences if the horn speakers are not removed within 24 hours.

These notices, issued by Sub-Inspectors (SIs) and District Health Officers (DHOs), have caught religious institution committees off guard. The unexpected directive follows a complaint made in May by a Thiruvananthapuram resident to the Home Affairs department about the use of banned horn speakers in places of worship. The complainant compiled a list of such establishments, including temples, mosques, and churches, where noise pollution was reported based on public input. Notices are now being dispatched to these identified locations, urging prompt compliance with the law.

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