India Greenlights Apple, Dell, HP, and More for Laptop and Tablet Imports

India has granted authorization to prominent technology companies, including Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Xiaomi, IBM, and ASUS, allowing them to import laptops, tablets, and personal computers. This move comes as part of India’s new “import management system,” which was implemented on Wednesday. Under this system, companies are required to register the quantity and value of their imports on a designated portal. The authorization granted to these 110 firms is valid until September 2024.

This decision marks a significant shift in India’s approach, as the country had previously considered imposing a licensing regime, a plan that was later withdrawn following criticism from the industry and concerns raised by Washington. The move to allow these technology giants to import their products signifies a positive step towards enhancing the availability of laptops and tablets in the Indian market.

Please note that specific details of the authorizations have not yet been made public, and the sources providing this information have chosen to remain anonymous as the official announcement from India’s union trade ministry is still pending.

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