Delhi’s Air Pollution Crisis Continues: Unfavorable Winds Worsen AQI to Severe Plus Levels for 6th Consecutive Day

Delhi is grappling with a severe air pollution crisis, marked by a toxic haze that has persisted for six consecutive days. Unfavorable wind conditions, particularly calm winds during the night, have worsened the situation, leading to a deterioration in the air quality index (AQI). The AQI climbed from 415 on Saturday evening to 460 on Sunday morning, pushing the city’s air quality into the severe plus category. Under the government’s pollution control plan, stringent measures, including bans on polluting vehicles and construction activities, are mandated when the AQI crosses the 450-mark.

The deteriorating air quality in Delhi-NCR is attributed to several factors, including a drop in temperatures, stagnant winds that trap pollutants, and increased burning of post-harvest paddy straw in neighboring Punjab and Haryana. These factors have led to hazardous levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), which poses significant health risks, particularly to vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly. Efforts to identify pollution sources and mitigate the crisis have faced challenges, with a recent study initiated by the city government halted, further complicating efforts to address the ongoing air pollution emergency.

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