Tamil Nadu Police Fines Dhanush’s Son Yathra Raja Rs 1000 for Riding Without a License

The incident occurred as Yathra Raja, the son of actor Dhanush and Aishwarya, was captured on video riding an R15 bike from Poes Garden to his father’s residence. The video circulated on social media, attracting attention and criticism for allowing an underage individual to ride a bike without a license.

Tamil Nadu police took notice of the video and fined Yathra Raja Rs 1000 for the violation of traffic rules. The action was prompted by concerns raised by netizens about the safety of minors on the road and the need for responsible parenting.

It’s worth noting that despite their separation, Dhanush and Aishwarya continue to live near each other in Chennai for the convenience of their children. The incident has reignited discussions about celebrity privileges and the importance of adhering to traffic regulations, irrespective of one’s social status.

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