Closure of Poultry Waste Processing Plants in Kerala Raises Environmental Concerns

The closure of 16 out of 41 private poultry waste processing plants in Kerala has raised concerns about environmental pollution. Due to an inadequate supply of poultry waste, these plants, which play a crucial role in waste management, have shut down. Thirteen plants in Malappuram, one in Wayanad, and two in Kollam have ceased operations, impacting the processing of 10-60 tonnes of poultry waste.

The proliferation of processing plants, especially in close proximity, has led to the closure of several units. Additionally, the local governing bodies are failing to enforce guidelines that specify licenses for poultry waste processing plants, contributing to an unregulated industry. Poultry waste, when not processed, is often improperly disposed of, causing environmental harm. To address these concerns, stakeholders, including plant owners, need to be brought together in district-level meetings, emphasizing the importance of proper waste management practices. The government’s intervention is crucial to ensure the continued operation of these processing plants, preventing environmental degradation and maintaining the livelihoods of the approximately 12,000 people employed in the sector.

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