Rescuers Closing in on Trapped Workers in Silkyara Tunnel, Just 5 Meters Away

In a significant development, rescue operations at the Silkyara tunnel, where workers have been trapped for 17 days, are progressing positively. The latest report indicates that rescuers are merely five meters away from reaching the trapped workers. Micro tunneling expert Chris Cooper provided an update, stating that 3 meters of manual drilling has been completed, bringing the total drilling progress to about 50 meters. The target is to complete 57 meters of drilling to lay a pipe inside the tunnel for reaching the trapped workers.

Chris Cooper expressed optimism about the ongoing drilling work, highlighting that it has been going well, with no reported obstacles. The auger machine, which had encountered difficulties earlier, was successfully removed, and manual drilling by rat-hole miners commenced on Monday night. The total drilling distance is now approximately 5-6 meters away from reaching the trapped workers.

NHIDCL Managing Director Mahmood Ahmad reported the completion of vertical drilling from atop the hill, reaching a depth of 36 meters. The rescue efforts are a critical operation involving multiple techniques to ensure the safe extraction of the workers who have been trapped since November 12. The trapped workers include individuals from various states, and the entire nation awaits positive news from the ongoing rescue mission.

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