Abigail’s Kidnapping Takes Shocking Turn: Police Release Sketch of Suspect Woman, Suspect Drugging

The abduction case of six-year-old Abigail Sara Reji has taken a surprising turn as the police release a sketch of a woman suspected to be involved in the kidnapping. Authorities suspect the involvement of two women in the incident. Abigail, who is currently under observation at the Government Victoria Hospital, may have been drugged during the abduction, leading to suspicions of sedative administration. The police have expanded the investigation team, including officers from Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram, and are intensifying efforts to identify the suspects through CCTV footage and other leads, aiming to unravel the motive behind the kidnapping.

The child’s recovery from the traumatic experience is a priority, with her urine and blood samples sent for testing. Abigail’s parents and brother are with her at the hospital. The investigation is shifting focus to the suspects’ residences, examining their relationship with the child, and seeking to identify the vehicle used during the abduction. The police are meticulously gathering information to piece together the events leading up to Abigail’s kidnapping, hoping to provide clarity on this distressing incident.

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