Passenger Smoking Incident Delays Vande Bharat Express

The Kasaragod-Thiruvananthapuram Vande Bharat Express faced an unexpected delay on Monday evening when a passenger was caught smoking inside the train. The incident prompted the activation of the fire detection system near Thikkoti, resulting in an abrupt stop. In response, the Mechanical Division staff promptly replaced the panel of the Fire Detection System (FDS), allowing the train to resume its journey after a 15-minute delay. However, the delay was attributed to a passenger in Vatakara, who not only smoked inside the train but also used alcohol in the toilet, triggering the sensors and causing a disruption. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) from the Mechanical Department is currently investigating the incident, and fines may be imposed on the passengers for violating safety regulations. This incident follows a similar one last month when the Vande Bharat Express had to make unscheduled stops at Tirur, Pattambi, and Pallipuram due to smoke detection in the toilet.

The Vande Bharat Express, known for its high-speed and advanced features, has been consistently facing challenges related to passenger misconduct, emphasizing the need for stringent enforcement of rules and regulations. Such incidents not only inconvenience passengers but also pose a threat to the safety systems on board. The Railway authorities must continue to educate and enforce strict penalties to discourage such behavior, ensuring the smooth and safe operation of these modern trains that contribute significantly to the country’s rail network.

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