Breakthrough in Kollam Abduction Case: Three Individuals Apprehended

A significant development has emerged in the recent abduction case in Kollam, where a six-year-old child was abducted last week. According to reports, the police have successfully taken three individuals into custody in connection with the incident. The apprehended suspects, consisting of a father-daughter duo and another individual from within their family, were located in Puliyarai near Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu.

Believed to be natives of Chathannoor, Kerala, the trio was detained, and authorities have seized two cars associated with the group. The abduction victim, Abigail Sara Reji from Oyoor, was allegedly kidnapped while en route to a tuition class with her eight-year-old brother. Although the kidnappers abandoned the girl at Ashramam Maidanam in the heart of Kollam after an extensive 20-hour search, the police special team is actively working to identify the whereabouts of the abductors.

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