Rahul Gandhi Advocates Gender Equality in Congress, Aims for 50% Women Chief Ministers in 10 Years

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has called for a significant push towards gender equality within the party, urging the active promotion of women in its organizational structure. Speaking at the inauguration of ‘Utsaah,’ a Kerala Mahila Congress convention, Gandhi proposed a target for the Congress party to have 50% women as chief ministers within the next decade. He emphasized the abundance of capable women leaders within the party who possess the qualities necessary for leadership roles. Gandhi criticized the RSS, stating that the saffron party is “purely a male organization” and highlighted the fundamental fight between the Congress and the RSS regarding the role women should play in Indian politics.

Gandhi underscored the BJP-led NDA government’s delay in implementing the Women’s Reservation Bill, which aims to reserve one-third of seats in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies for women. He criticized the government for implementing the bill a decade later, contrasting it with alleged statements from certain right-wing leaders blaming victims for incidents of sexual violence. Gandhi emphasized the Congress’s commitment to including women in the power structure, contrasting it with the RSS’s ideology.

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