Winter Camping Extravaganza Launches in Sakhir Desert, Bahrain

Bahrain’s Sakhir desert has become the picturesque backdrop for the much-anticipated annual camping season, inaugurated by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) to mark the arrival of winter. Commencing in early November and extending until February 29, 2024, this vibrant event invites tourists to revel in the cooler temperatures after a scorching summer. Families and groups have flocked to the desert, adding to the festive atmosphere with campfires, cultural programs, and communal celebrations. The BTEA, keen on promoting Bahrain’s tourism sector, introduced the Al Junobya app, known as Khayyam, this year. Available in both Arabic and English, the app serves as a valuable guide for visitors, offering details on designated camping areas and regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

This year’s camping season promises an enhanced and organized experience, with visitors permitted to pitch tents only in specified areas, as outlined in the Khayyam app. The BTEA, established in 2015, continues to play a crucial role in bolstering Bahrain’s tourism sector, striving to attract both local and international tourists. The camping season not only provides a platform for cultural exchange and celebration but also contributes to the economic growth of Bahrain by fostering the tourism industry.

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