Abduction Linked to Financial Dispute: Accused Claims Enmity Over Unreturned Money

KR Padmakumar, held in police custody for the abduction of a six-year-old girl from Oyur, has provided a statement asserting that the abduction was a result of a financial dispute with the child’s father. Padmakumar alleges that he paid Rs 5 lakh to the father, Reji, for the nursing admission of his daughter but did not receive the promised admission. He claims to have pursued Reji for a year to retrieve the money, stating that the abduction aimed to exert pressure on Reji and his family. Padmakumar asserts that his wife and daughter are not involved in the case.

The six-year-old girl was reportedly kept in Padmakumar’s farmhouse at Chirakkara. Three individuals have been taken into custody from Thenkasi’s Puliyarai in Tamil Nadu in connection with the case and are currently under interrogation at the Adoor AR camp.

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