Emotional Moments in Oyoor Abduction Case: Anithakumari Speaks in Prison, Anupama’s Silence Raises Concerns

In a surprising turn of events, M R Anithakumari, the second accused in the Oyoor child abduction case, opened up emotionally while interacting with officials at the Women’s Prison and Correctional Home in Attakulangara. Expressing her disbelief, Anithakumari admitted that she never anticipated being caught, stating, “It just happened.” Assigned the task of cleaning the prison floor, she conveyed her emotions to the officials. Despite the emotional moment, Anithakumari was reported to be calm in prison.

Meanwhile, Anupama, the daughter of Anithakumari, displayed signs of distress in her cell. Sitting in a corner without engaging with other prisoners, covering her face, and maintaining silence, Anupama’s behavior raised concerns. Although she consistently consumed provided meals, her apparent isolation and silence prompted jail officials to closely monitor her well-being. Additionally, Anupama’s Facebook page, seemingly active after her arrest, sparked suspicions of potential hacking and misuse.

The case has taken an unexpected turn, shedding light on the emotional state of the accused individuals and the unfolding dynamics within the prison walls. Anupama’s increasing YouTube subscribers post-arrest and the technical expertise she possessed in artificial intelligence add layers to the intricate narrative of this high-profile case.

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