KSRTC’s Innovative Offer: 2 Days of Free Travel for 20 Journeys on the Same Route

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is set to introduce a new initiative to encourage digital payment for bus tickets. As part of this project, KSRTC is planning to launch new travel cards through the Chalo app, a widely used app by major RTCs in the country. Passengers using these digital travel cards will be eligible for special offers, and one such offer includes two days of free travel after completing 20 journeys on the same route within a month. For example, commuters undertaking eight journeys to Bengaluru in a month would be entitled to two additional free journeys. This initiative aims to promote the adoption of digital payment methods for tickets, and the Chalo app will provide a convenient platform for passengers while offering insights to KSRTC through data analysis, helping optimize bus routes and improve services. The project is scheduled to launch in Thiruvananthapuram district next month and is expected to extend statewide from February onwards, providing benefits to regular travelers.

This move not only aligns with the broader trend toward digitization but also aims to cut down on the annual expenses associated with traditional paper ticketing. By implementing digital ticketing solutions, KSRTC can save the significant cost incurred in purchasing paper rolls for ticket issuance. The Chalo app, which has proven successful in Mumbai Transport Corporation, is set to revolutionize the way passengers engage with KSRTC, offering convenience, cost savings, and a more efficient transportation system overall.

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