Revamping SSLC Exam Evaluation for Transparency and Effectiveness

The SSLC examination evaluation process in Kerala has faced criticism from education directors, with concerns raised about anomalies. S Shanavas, the current public education director, expressed discontent over students receiving ‘A+’ grades without adequate reading and writing skills. The current system awards ‘A+’ to those securing above 90%, but critics argue that it lacks transparency and effectiveness. To address these issues, the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) is working on a new curriculum with updated examination standards and improved continuous evaluation methods. The aim is to make the evaluation process more transparent and set higher benchmarks for student performance.

The existing evaluation system heavily relies on annual exam results, with continuous evaluation accounting for only a fraction of the overall marks. Class teachers, often generous in awarding marks, contribute to the ease with which students pass exams. SCERT’s initiative aims to reform this by introducing measures that enhance transparency and effectiveness in the continuous evaluation process. Previous education directors, including Biju Prabhakar and MS Jaya, have also voiced concerns about the state’s school education system. The revamp seeks to address these issues and bring about positive changes in the SSLC examination procedures.

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