Central Government Transforms Agricultural Procurement: Direct Fund Disbursement and Online Registration for Farmers

The central government is undertaking a significant shift in the procurement of agricultural products by directly involving farmers through an online registration portal. Farmers registering on the portal will have their produce procured at minimum support prices (MSPs), with the funds transferred directly to their accounts. The National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (NAFED) and the National Co-operative Consumer Federation (NCCF) will transition into dedicated procuring agencies and jointly operate the portal. This move aims to streamline the procurement process, reduce interference from traders and intermediaries, and ensure timely payments to farmers. Additionally, the procured products will be introduced to the market under the ‘Bharat Brand’ as value-added products.

By involving central agencies in the procurement process and facilitating direct payments, the central government aims to address issues of delayed payments and enhance transparency. Farmers are now empowered to register their crops, land dimensions, and Aadhaar card details, providing them with a platform to engage directly with the procurement process. The initiative not only supports farmers by ensuring fair prices but also aligns with the government’s efforts to create a more efficient and transparent agricultural ecosystem, benefitting both farmers and consumers.

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