Puffy Face, No More! 7 Smart Tricks To Avoid Bloating On Face

Imagine waking up with a puffy face on an important day. While ice water dips might provide temporary relief, nutritionist Simrun Chopra shares sustainable diet and lifestyle habits to combat facial puffiness. Fluid retention, often influenced by sleep patterns, makeup residue, diet, and allergies, contributes to a swollen face. Chopra offers seven practical tips to prevent and alleviate facial puffiness. Recommendations include avoiding salty food in the evening, consuming plenty of water, incorporating fruits with high water content, abstaining from alcohol, cold compression, ensuring adequate sleep, and engaging in exercise for improved circulation.

A puffy face is a common condition, often experienced in the morning due to fluid retention. Factors such as sleeping positions, makeup residue, diet, and allergies contribute to facial swelling. Simrun Chopra suggests lifestyle adjustments to address this issue sustainably. Key strategies include minimizing salt intake in the evening, staying hydrated with water and water-rich fruits, avoiding alcohol, implementing cold compression, ensuring quality sleep, and engaging in regular exercise for enhanced circulation. By adopting these practices, individuals can mitigate facial puffiness and wake up with a refreshed and glowing appearance.

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