Record High: Jasmine Prices Soar, Touch Rs 6,000 per Kilogram

In an unexpected turn of events, Jasmine prices have reached an unprecedented high, causing shock among buyers. The price for a cubit of the beloved jasmine hit Rs 200, with a kilogram costing a staggering Rs 6,000. Vendors attribute this surge to a continuous increase over the last two months, particularly accentuated during the winter season.

Historically, jasmine prices experience a rise during winter, but the current levels are unprecedented. In November of the previous year, prices were relatively lower, ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 600. However, by December, the prices had surged, leaving consumers perplexed and vendors grappling with the sudden spike.

The primary reason behind this surge is the harsh winter conditions impacting flower cultivation in various regions, including Coimbatore, Sathyamangalam, Madurai, and Tenkasi. The adverse weather has disrupted the usual supply, leading to a scarcity of jasmine flowers and subsequently driving up the prices.

Notably, the increase in jasmine prices is not an isolated occurrence, as lotus flower prices have also witnessed a surge over the weekend. The situation raises concerns about the impact of weather fluctuations on agriculture and the subsequent ripple effect on commodity prices.

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