Health Concerns Prompt Ban on Gobi Manchurian in Goa’s Mapusa City

Mapusa City in Goa has instituted a ban on the beloved vegetarian fusion dish, Gobi Manchurian, due to health concerns linked to the synthetic color used in its preparation. This decision follows a recent study revealing potential health risks, including the risk of cancer, associated with the synthetic color employed in the dish. The ban is not unprecedented in the state, as in 2022, the sale of Gobi Manchurian and Chilli Gobi faced prohibition after instances of food poisoning emerged during the Vasco Saptah Fair. In that instance, the Food Department took decisive action by restricting over 10 stalls from selling these dishes, underscoring a commitment to food safety.

Despite Gobi Manchurian’s popularity as a vegetarian alternative and a flavorful fusion creation, the health concerns surrounding the synthetic color have prompted Mapusa City authorities to prioritize public well-being by implementing this ban. These measures align with a broader commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of food offerings within the state of Goa.

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