Newly Approved Street Food Hub Set to Transform Munnar into a Culinary Hotspot

The approval for the construction of a street food hub in Munnar marks a significant development that could elevate the hill station’s status as a major food destination. With an estimated budget of Rs 5.15 crore, the project aims to cater to both local and international tourists visiting Munnar. The strategic location at the bus stand in Moolakkada is expected to enhance accessibility, and the presence of up to twenty food kiosks on the first floor will offer a diverse range of global cuisines. The initiative, overseen by the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India and supported by contributions from the National Health Mission and the Munnar Panchayat, aligns with the broader goal of promoting tourism and providing a safe and hygienic food experience for visitors.

Furthermore, the ground floor of the street food hub will be utilized as a parking lot for the convenience of customers, ensuring a hassle-free experience for those exploring the culinary offerings. The project’s commencement, pending tender procedures and technical approvals, signifies a forward-looking approach by the authorities to tap into Munnar’s tourism potential. As a popular hill station, Munnar is known for its scenic beauty, and the addition of a dedicated street food hub is expected to add a vibrant and flavorful dimension to the overall tourist experience. The collaboration between the government, NHM, and the local Panchayat reflects a concerted effort to boost the region’s economy and cater to the evolving preferences of modern travelers seeking unique and diverse culinary experiences.

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