Unni Mukundan Dismisses False Marriage Rumors and Addresses Misleading Campaign Against Upcoming Film

Actor Unni Mukundan has taken to social media to address circulating rumors, particularly in response to a ‘fake’ post featuring him with actress Anushree. Expressing frustration, Unni questioned the persistence of such gossip and asked, “How much do I have to pay to stop these kinds of news?” He sought to clarify his relationship status amid the ongoing speculation.

In addition to dispelling marriage rumors, Unni Mukundan recently confronted campaigns against his upcoming film, ‘Jai Ganesh.’ He shared screenshots of misleading posters and expressed disappointment in the attempt to portray the film negatively even before its release. Emphasizing the film’s potential, Unni stated, “How low can a film that has not even been released go down to portraying it badly?” He asserted that such efforts would not hinder the success of the movie, scheduled to hit theaters on April 11.

Directed by Ranjith Shankar, ‘Jai Ganesh’ is anticipated to be a family entertainer, featuring Unni Mukundan in a challenging role. The film, which also stars Mahima Nambiar, Harish Peradi, Ashokan, Ravindra Vijay, and Nandu, marks the collaboration between Shankar and Mukundan, generating considerable anticipation among fans.

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