Renowned Malayali Musician Girija Adiyodi Passes Away at 82

Girija Adiyodi, an acclaimed Malayali musician known for her international contributions to the dance-music arena, has passed away at the age of 82 in Chennai. The talented artist, recognized both nationally and internationally, had been battling neuro diseases and was admitted to the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital for the past ten days.

Girija Adiyodi’s husband, a former member of the Malabar Police Department, predeceased her. She is survived by a son and a daughter settled in Dubai, though attempts to reach them have been unsuccessful. NORKA Roots Special Officer in Chennai, Anu P Chacko, has been coordinating efforts to contact the family through the World Malayali Council representatives.

An alumna of the Madras Music College, Girija Adiyodi established the ‘Swaralaya’ dance and music school in Karama, Dubai. After entrusting it to her daughter, she relocated to Chennai 15 years ago. Resuming her role as a music teacher, she later moved to Kalpakkam. Girija Adiyodi had showcased her talents in numerous dance-music shows across Gulf countries, Europe, and Kerala.

In her final days, despite having many students and relatives, only her driver was present to look after her. The intervention of NORKA Roots ensured better treatment for her during her hospitalization. Her body is currently preserved in the General Hospital mortuary, and the cremation is scheduled to take place near the Chennai Corporation headquarters, Ripon Building, on Friday afternoon.

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