FEUOK Boycotts Theatrical Releases: No Malayalam Movies in Theaters from February 22

The Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK) has announced a boycott on the theatrical release of Malayalam movies in theaters starting February 22. The decision is a form of protest against the standpoints taken by movie producers on various issues. FEUOK had previously requested producers not to premiere or release films on OTT platforms within 15-20 days of their initial theatrical release. They also advocated for theater owners to have the right to choose projectors. However, the producers’ response to these requests was reportedly lukewarm, leading FEUOK to take this step in response.

The move by FEUOK to boycott theatrical releases could have significant implications for the cinema industry in Kerala. It reflects an ongoing conflict between exhibitors and producers over issues such as release windows and projector selection rights. This development raises concerns about the future dynamics within the industry and the impact it may have on both producers and exhibitors.

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