Plan Your 2024 Vacations Strategically: Key Holidays for Exciting Getaways

If you’re a travel enthusiast juggling a regular job, strategically plan your 2024 vacations around upcoming holidays. For travel enthusiasts and families, March offers a perfect window with Shivarathri and second Saturday on March 8 and 9, followed by Good Friday, Easter, and a holiday on April 1. Utilize leave days for an extended week-long vacation.

April brings Ramadan on April 10 or 11, with a second Saturday and Sunday following. Extend the holiday for a trip around Vishu, creating an exciting getaway.

May presents an opportunity for a five-day weekend if you take leave on April 29 and 30, capitalizing on Saturday, Sunday, and May 1. Perfect for family trips during school vacations.

June’s Bakrid on Monday provides a long weekend for a refreshing monsoon getaway. Take a day off on Friday or Tuesday for an extended experience in a lush destination.

August offers an extraordinary week-long vacation from August 15 (Independence Day) to Sree Narayana Guru Jayanti and Vishwakarma Jayanti. Plan family trips or outings with friends during this extended break.

September’s Onam on September 14 and 15 provides a fantastic four-day weekend, with additional holidays for Milad Un Nabi, Vishwakarma Jayanti, and Onam festivities on September 16.

October’s Navratri presents a five-day vacation if you take Thursday and Friday off around Gandhi Jayanti on October 2.

November sees Diwali on October 31, followed by Keralapiravi on November 1, offering a perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway.

End the year on a high note with a five-day holiday around Christmas on Wednesday, December 25. Extend your vacation by applying for leave on December 30 and 31, ensuring a refreshing start to the New Year after a rejuvenating holiday.

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