Revolutionizing Pollution Testing: Motor Vehicle Department Launches App to Combat Malpractices

In a bid to crack down on the rampant issuance of fake Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates, the Motor Vehicle Department has introduced a groundbreaking application named ‘Pollution Testing with Geo Tagging.’ This innovative app aims to ensure authenticity in pollution testing procedures and curb malpractices associated with fake certificates.

The application mandates testing operators to conduct pollution tests by capturing photographs of the vehicle within a 50-meter radius of the registered pollution testing centre. The operator is required to photograph the vehicle’s number plate and capture an image of the entire vehicle from a distance, which is then uploaded to the application. The testing procedures commence after this step, and the Motor Vehicle Department receives the necessary information through the app.

To implement this system, each testing centre can install the application on up to three mobile phones, which are submitted to the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in their respective districts. The application, developed by the National Informatics Centre, is a strategic move by the department to counter individuals obtaining fake PUC certificates by merely sending vehicle photographs to testing center owners.

To further enhance efficiency, testing operators are now authorized to visit the residences of individuals with multiple vehicles. Armed with laptops, they can conduct pollution tests on-site and issue certificates immediately, eliminating the need for multiple trips to testing centers and streamlining the process.

This initiative comes in response to concerns raised by testing center associations regarding the proliferation of fake certificates. The move has been welcomed by association members, signaling a collective effort to ensure environmental compliance and authenticity in pollution testing procedures.

The Pollution Testing with Geo Tagging application is set to be introduced across the state, marking a significant step towards a transparent and foolproof pollution testing system.

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