WhatsApp Reportedly Developing Secret Code for Locked Chats on Web Client

WhatsApp is said to be working on enhancing the Chat Lock feature, bringing it to the web version of the messaging app. The Chat Lock feature allows users to lock specific chats on WhatsApp for iOS and Android, hiding them behind a secret code. The upcoming feature, spotted on the latest version of WhatsApp Web, is expected to function similarly to its mobile counterparts, enabling users to safeguard specific chats from unauthorized access. The secret code can be a word, phrase, emoji, or special characters, offering an additional layer of privacy on shared devices.

The Chat Lock feature on WhatsApp Web, currently in development, aims to provide users with increased privacy by allowing them to lock and hide specific chats behind a secret code. The feature is expected to be similar to the one available on WhatsApp for iOS and Android. Users can enter the secret code to reveal and access the locked chats, ensuring enhanced privacy, especially on shared devices.

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