Kudumbashree’s ‘Kerala Chicken’ Project Achieves Rs 239.1 Crore Revenue in 5 Years, Aims for Market Expansion

In the span of five years, Kudumbashree’s ‘Kerala Chicken’ project, aimed at providing high-quality broiler chicken meat at an affordable rate, has successfully generated a revenue of Rs 239.1 crore. The initiative encompasses 367 farms across ten districts and 125 outlets in eight districts. Managed by Kudumbashree Broiler Farmers’ Producer Company, the project aims to capture 25% of the market by 2026, with farms receiving Rs 13 per kilogram and outlets receiving Rs 14 per kilogram upon chicken transfer. Despite a daily sale of 2200 tonnes and an average sale of 25,000 kilos, Kerala Chicken faces market competition from Tamil Nadu, holding a mere 1.13% market share.

Kozhikode district alone contributes Rs 32.51 Crore in revenue, primarily thriving in panchayats due to the absence of outlets in urban areas. The project’s success demonstrates the potential of community-driven initiatives in the poultry industry, emphasizing affordability and accessibility for consumers.

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