Boost for Electric Vehicles as Centre Approves Special Charging Connections and Streamlines Processes

In a significant move to promote electric vehicles (EVs), the central government has given the green light to the Electricity Right Amendment Rules. This approval introduces provisions for special connections dedicated to charging electric vehicles, aiming to enhance the infrastructure for EV charging. Furthermore, the time limits for obtaining new electricity connections have been notably reduced. In metropolitan areas, the process now takes just three days, down from seven, while in municipal areas, the duration has been shortened from fifteen to seven days, and in villages, it now stands at 15 days, down from 30. The exemption for hilly areas maintains a 30-day timeline.

Addressing consumer concerns, the new rules mandate the installation of an additional meter within five days if there’s a complaint about meter readings. Additionally, to ensure billing accuracy, readings will be taken every three months. These measures collectively signify a significant step forward in facilitating the adoption and convenience of electric vehicles in the country.

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