Dubai Introduces Five-Year Multiple-Entry Visa for Indian Citizens: ‘900 Days of Joy

Dubai has unveiled a five-year multiple-entry visa for Indian citizens, aiming to enhance travel between India and the Gulf region. The initiative, introduced following a notable surge in Indian visitors during 2023, allows travellers to visit the UAE multiple times within five years, with a maximum stay of 180 days per year. This equates to a total of 900 days, to be utilized on a term basis (180 days at a time). The visa, characterized by its swift processing within 48 hours, is a strategic move to strengthen the existing relationship between the UAE and India.

In 2023, Dubai witnessed a significant increase in Indian visitors, with 2.46 million arrivals, compared to 1.84 million in the previous year and 1.97 million in 2019. The unveiling of the five-year multiple-entry visa is seen as a historic milestone, fostering new experiences for Indian tourists and providing a platform for increased economic cooperation between the two countries. Badr Al Habib, the regional head of Dubai’s Economy and Tourism Department, expressed enthusiasm for the positive response from India over the past two years, emphasizing the deepening ties facilitated by this initiative.

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