Thiruvananthapuram Gears Up for Grand Attukal Pongala Festival with Elaborate Rituals and Processions

Thiruvananthapuram is set to host the world-renowned Attukal Pongala on Sunday, where several lakhs of women are expected to participate in the ceremonies. The rituals will commence after the Shuddha Punyah (ritualistic cleansing) at 10 am, with Thottampattu singers narrating the Kannakeecharitam, focusing on the killing of the Pandya king. Devotees believe that Pongala symbolizes the victory of ‘Devi.’ The ceremonial lamp will be lit at the sanctum sanctorum, symbolizing the commencement of Pongala, and then passed on through various stages of the ritual. The festivities, including the lighting of fires in kitchens around the city, will conclude with the ‘ucha puja’ at 2.30 p.m., accompanied by an air force helicopter showering flowers.

In the evening, the Kuthiyottam ceremony at 7.30 pm will precede the grand procession of the goddess to Manacaud Shastha Temple at 11 pm. The revered tusker Thrikadavur Sivarajan will carry the deity’s idol, accompanied by boys participating in Kuthiyottam, along with armed police and musical ensembles, adding to the festive fervor.

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