Call for Accelerated Railway Development Echoed by MPs in Thiruvananthapuram Meeting

In a recent meeting of Members of Parliament (MPs) chaired by Southern Railway General Manager RN Singh in Thiruvananthapuram, the recurring demands for expedited railway development in the state were once again brought to the forefront. The MPs emphasized the need for the swift completion of ongoing railway projects, timely finalization of the Nemom terminal construction—which has been a long-discussed endeavor—renovation of railway stations, and the introduction of new trains. General Manager RN Singh reassured the MPs with standard responses, pledging that all possible measures would be taken to address the raised issues.

One of the critical points discussed was the impact of the introduction of Vande Bharat, which has become the most popular train in the country. Concerns were raised about potential delays for other trains in the state. However, Singh stated that there would be no disruptions for other trains due to Vande Bharat. The effectiveness of this assurance remains a matter of observation for regular travelers who might experience ground realities differently. The overarching solution to many grievances, as reiterated by the MPs, lies in expediting the ongoing railway development projects. While efforts are underway to straighten tracks and reinforce them to enhance train speed, the completion of these initiatives is crucial to realizing the promised improvements in the state’s railway infrastructure.

Several concerns were highlighted, including the lingering effects of Covid-19 on train services, the need to restore discontinued train stops, and the slow progress of the Angamali-Erumeli railway project. Moreover, the proposal for a new skyway from Chengannur to Pampa added another dimension to the discussion. MPs stressed the importance of maintaining clarity and avoiding confusion between different projects. Furthermore, the state government’s role in ensuring consistent support for railway development projects, without frequent changes in position, was underscored as crucial for their successful implementation. Achieving these milestones is imperative for enhancing the overall railway experience and connectivity in the state.

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