Groundwater Depletion Raises Drought Concerns in Kerala

The depletion of groundwater in Kerala has become a growing concern, with the water table dropping below ten feet in several areas. The situation has raised fears of an impending drought in the state by April if the trend continues. In a joint inspection by the Central Ground Water Board and the State Ground Water Department, three blocks – Kasaragod, Chittoor, and Malampuzha – were classified as critical, while 30 blocks were marked as partially critical. Malappuram district, with eight blocks in the partially critical category, is particularly affected.

Experts emphasize the importance of groundwater recharging initiatives and public education to curb over-exploitation of groundwater. In addition to the groundwater concerns, the water levels in various dams across the state are also under scrutiny. For example, the water level in the Peppara dam stands at 105.40 meters, indicating the overall stress on water resources in the region. Efforts towards sustainable water management and conservation are imperative to address this pressing issue.

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