Kerala’s Funding Woes, Shifting Education Policies, and the Delayed 700 Crores

Kerala has long voiced concerns about the alleged neglect from the Centre in providing financial assistance, a sentiment reiterated by successive Finance Ministers in the state. The common practice involves the Centre sanctioning funds in phases, with the second installment contingent on the completion of the first phase and the submission of corresponding reports and estimates. The responsibility lies with state officers to ensure timely completion of these works and accurate reporting to secure subsequent installments. However, delays and lapses in fulfilling these obligations often hinder the flow of funds.

When the state diverts central assistance allocated for specific projects, it faces consequences, including the withholding of further assistance. While political leaders tend to frame these issues as political maneuvering, there are instances where Kerala’s rightful assistance may face challenges. A notable case is the withholding of 700 crores earmarked for infrastructure development in higher education due to the state’s initial reluctance to accept the National Education Policy. Kerala Kaumudi highlighted this through various reports, emphasizing the need for policy alignment.

To address this, Kerala has now expressed its willingness to change its stance on the education policy and has submitted an affidavit to the Centre, committing to accept and implement the central education policy. This move ensures that the delayed 700 crores for higher education infrastructure will not be lost. Principal Secretary Ishita Roy has signed and sent the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to Delhi, signifying the state’s acceptance of the central education policy. Under this agreement, colleges and universities stand to receive significant financial support, with the Centre’s share being 60% and the state’s share at 40%.

Despite the initial delay causing the Centre to withhold funds, the state’s commitment to policy alignment secures the release of funds in subsequent phases. This includes 700 crores allocated under the Prime Minister Uchchatar Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan for teacher training and research, addressing basic facilities, and benefitting universities such as Kerala, MG, Kannur, Calicut, and Cusat. The delay, attributed to political reasons, underscores the impact of timely decisions on the expeditious release of funds for crucial developmental projects in the state.

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