Kerala Grapples with Sweltering Heat: No Immediate Relief as IMD Issues Heat Alerts Across 12 Districts

Kerala is bracing itself for an extended period of hot weather, with temperatures soaring three to four degrees above normal in various regions. The Regional Meteorological Centre in Thiruvananthapuram has issued a yellow alert for 12 districts, cautioning against the heatwave, with temperatures expected to reach up to 37 degrees Celsius in some areas. The situation is expected to persist for the next two days before a gradual decrease in temperatures is anticipated. IMD director K Santhosh attributes the unusual heat to light winds and clear skies, with a slight shift in seasonal patterns due to climate change. While the onset of summer is advancing, relief is expected in the second week of March, with the possibility of thundershowers bringing respite to the sweltering conditions. Authorities are issuing warnings, and precautions, such as a ‘Water Bell’ in schools and advisories for outdoor activities, are in place to safeguard the public against the heatwave.

As the heatwave continues, the IMD and Kerala State Disaster Management Authority are actively issuing regular public warnings. Kerala schools have implemented a ‘Water Bell’ at 2:30 pm daily, allowing students to take breaks for hydration during school hours. Workers are also advised to avoid outdoor activities during peak sun hours to prevent heat-related health issues. With climate change impacting seasonal patterns, there is a noticeable shift in temperature extremes occurring earlier in the year, emphasizing the need for timely weather warnings and public awareness to mitigate the effects of rising temperatures.

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