The Great Indian Ambani Pre-Wedding: The menu features more than 2500 food, including midnight food.

The nation is abuzz with excitement as the opulent pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant takes center stage in the historic city of Jamnagar, Gujarat. A star-studded affair, the festivities have attracted celebrities and business icons from around the globe, all gathered to partake in the grandeur of the couple’s union.

The meticulously crafted menu, overseen by over twenty-five chefs flown in from Indore, promises a culinary extravaganza featuring more than 2500 dishes representing a diverse array of cuisines. From Pan-Asian to Parsi, Thai, Mexican, and Japanese delights, the culinary team has spared no effort in ensuring a unique gastronomic experience for the guests. Indori cuisine takes a special spotlight, catering to the varied preferences of the attendees.

The three-day spectacle, unfolding from March 1 to 3, boasts a feast with no less than 2500 distinctive dishes, offering a seamless dining experience throughout the pre-wedding functions. The menu includes over seventy breakfast options, 250 choices for lunch and dinner, and special arrangements for vegetarian or vegan guests. A midnight snack menu featuring 85 varieties of delectable snacks adds a unique touch to the culinary affair.

In the scorching Gujarat heat, the guests are treated to refreshing welcome drinks, including traditional Gujarati sweets, such as aam panna and shikanji. The sweet tray showcases local delicacies like mohanthal, peda, churma laddoo, and more. Special sweet boxes bearing the couple’s initials in Hindi, containing Gujarati snacks, are presented to guests during their transportation from the airport to the venue.

Over a thousand VVIPs and celebrities, including business magnates, Bollywood stars, and cricketing legends, have received invitations to this grand pre-wedding extravaganza. Scheduled for July 12th in Mumbai, the wedding anticipates the presence of a distinguished guest list, featuring names like Gautam Adani, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, and global leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. The three-day celebration promises not just a union of hearts but a confluence of glamour, luxury, and global prominence.

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