Passport Renewal, Digi Travel, E-passport, and E-visa: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you’re planning a trip or not, it’s crucial to ensure your travel documents are in order. This comprehensive guide covers key aspects such as passport renewal, digital travel initiatives, and the transition to paperless visas.

Passport Renewal:

Renewal Eligibility: Passport renewal can be initiated within three years after expiry. For minors, passports are issued for five years and must be renewed either after five years or upon turning 18, whichever comes first.

Required Documents:

Old passport

Copies of the first two and last two pages

Self-attested copies of ECR/Non-ECR pages

Address proof

Copy of the page showing the expiry period

Application Fee:

Rs 1,500 for a 36-page passport with 10-year validity (additional Rs 2,000 for Tatkal)

Rs 2,000 for a 60-page passport

Rs 1,000 for minors (additional Rs 2,000 for Tatkal)

Application Process:

Schedule an appointment online

Complete the application process

Pay the required fees

Attend the appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra

Print the application receipt for reference

Digital Travel Initiatives:


Digital travel authorizations stored electronically

Eliminates the need for physical visa stamping

Many countries, including Australia, Malaysia, Russia, and Singapore, offer e-visas to Indian tourists.


Stores traveler information, including biometrics

Facilitates faster security checks

Finland is the first country to implement e-passports.

Digi Yatra:

Digital app for expedited airport security checks

Utilizes facial recognition technology

Aims for a hassle-free travel experience.

UTS Mobile App:

Facilitates easy reservation of railway tickets

Allows booking unreserved tickets, platform tickets, and season tickets

Available on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms.

E-Visa and Passport Renewal Process:

E-visa Renewal:

Renewal process similar to the first application

Easier than traditional visa renewal

Eliminates the need for personal interviews.

Digital Passport Renewal:

Many countries, including India, are transitioning to e-passports

Enhances security and expedites security checks

Part of the global digitalization trend.

Key Differences Between Visa and Passport:

**1. Passport:

Travel document issued by the government to its citizens

Validates holder’s citizenship

Contains personal details, photo, and identification number

Essential for international travel.


Official permission to enter, stay, and leave a foreign country

Issued for specific purposes such as employment, travel, and study

Governed by the destination country’s rules and requirements

Has a validity period and may be issued free or with fees.

Staying informed about passport renewal, digital travel initiatives, and the evolving landscape of e-visas and e-passports is crucial for modern travelers. As technology continues to shape the travel experience, embracing digital solutions ensures smoother journeys and reduced paperwork. Always check the specific requirements of the destination country for the latest updates on travel documents and entry regulations.

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