Harmonizing Your Home: Tips for Positive Energy Flow According to Vastu Shastra

Creating a home filled with positive energy involves paying attention to various aspects, especially the entrance, considered the face of the house in Vastushastra. According to this ancient architectural science, the direction, shape, and design of the main door play a crucial role in influencing the overall happiness of the family. To ensure positive energy flows into your home, avoid certain elements near the main door. Water logging in front of the gate is discouraged, as per Vastu Shastra, as it is believed that unclean surroundings attract negative energy. Similarly, placing thorny plants near the entrance or growing flowers with unpleasant odors is advised against.

Another consideration is to avoid installing a waste bin in front of the house, as Vastu Shastra suggests steering clear of such systems. Furthermore, maintaining cleanliness and order is essential, and keeping the outside entrance free of strewn slippers or shoes is recommended. Opt for a stylish shoe rack to organize footwear neatly. Damaged furniture near the entrance can have a negative impact, so it’s important to ensure that all outdoor furniture is in good condition. Additionally, be cautious about placing mirrors facing the front door, as this is believed to reflect negative energy into the house according to Feng Shui principles. By being mindful of these aspects, you can enhance the positive energy in your living space and create a harmonious environment.

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