UAE Government Assures Support to Expatriates, Including Indians, During Ramzan

The UAE government has extended a supportive hand to expatriates, including the significant Indian community, as the holy month of Ramzan approaches. Authorities are implementing measures to curb the rise in prices of essential commodities, ensuring that 4,000 items remain available in the market. Intensified inspections are part of these efforts to protect consumer rights, with strict actions promised against any violations. This proactive approach aims to provide relief to residents, preventing the usual price hikes observed during special occasions like Ramzan. Simultaneously, adjustments in working hours for employees in the private sector during this period demonstrate the government’s commitment to the well-being of its diverse expatriate population.

The UAE’s assurance not to increase prices on essential items like rice, chicken, bread, dairy products, cooking oil, sugar, pulses, and wheat during Ramzan will contribute to a more stable cost of living for expatriates, including the Indian community. With market prices often soaring on special occasions, these measures seek to maintain affordability and availability, creating a positive impact on residents’ lives during this holy month.

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