Central Government Bans 18 OTT Platforms, Including ‘Yessma’, for Promoting Explicit Content

The central government has taken a decisive step in curbing the dissemination of explicit content on digital platforms by banning 18 OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms, including the Malayalam adult OTT platform Yessma. This move aligns with the government’s commitment to maintain a safe and regulated cyberspace. Alongside these OTT platforms, 19 websites, 10 apps, and 57 social media handles have also been blocked as part of this initiative.

Among the banned platforms are well-known names like Dreams Films, Voovi, and Uncut Adda, along with Yessma. These platforms have been found to be promoting content featuring explicit sexual themes, including incestuous relationships and inappropriate interactions between teachers and students. Despite repeated warnings from officials, these platforms continued to operate unchecked until this intervention by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The government’s action underscores the need for stringent measures to protect users, particularly vulnerable audiences, from harmful and inappropriate content circulating online. By cracking down on platforms that persist in disseminating such content, the government aims to create a safer digital environment for all users.

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