WhatsApp Introduces Profile Picture Screenshot Blocking on Android; Expands Chat Pinning for Beta Testers

WhatsApp has rolled out a new privacy feature on Android smartphones, preventing users from taking screenshots of other users’ profile pictures. Initially tested on the beta version, this functionality is now available for all users. Concurrently, WhatsApp is allowing beta testers to pin multiple chats, enhancing accessibility to information within individual or group chats.

The privacy feature, blocking profile picture screenshots, has been deployed without formal announcement from Meta. Users across stable and beta versions of WhatsApp for Android are now unable to capture screen images of other users’ profile photos. While this feature was confirmed on Samsung smartphones, Pixel 7a users experienced an all-black screen when attempting to screenshot a profile picture.

However, it’s essential to recognize that this feature does not entirely prevent image saving, as users can still capture photos of their screens using another device. Moreover, WhatsApp does not block screenshots of profile thumbnails on the main chat list.

In tandem with this privacy enhancement, WhatsApp is expanding chat pinning capabilities for beta testers. While currently limited to one message, an upcoming update is anticipated to permit the pinning of three messages simultaneously. Beta users can access this feature by updating to WhatsApp beta for Android version, with broader availability expected across iOS and Android platforms in the future.

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