Coffee Price Hits All-Time High: Wayanad Farmers Celebrate

Coffee farmers in Wayanad and other prominent coffee-producing regions like The Nilgiris, Coorg, and Chikmagalur are rejoicing as the price of coffee reaches an unprecedented high of Rs 180 per kilogram for unprocessed dried cherry. This surge in prices, expected to surpass Rs 200, comes as a boon to the farmers post-harvest, particularly in Wayanad, where production has seen a significant uptick of about 40%. Factors contributing to this price hike include reduced production in major coffee-producing countries like Vietnam and Brazil due to adverse climatic conditions, coupled with a slight decrease in production in domestic coffee-growing regions due to drought.

Farmers like Saju CD from Vakery near Sulthan Bathery report receiving more than double the price compared to last year, with prices currently hovering around Rs 178 per kilogram and showing a continuous upward trend. Many farmers have opted to withhold a significant portion of their production in anticipation of prices exceeding the Rs 200 mark. According to George Daniel, Deputy Director at the Regional Coffee Research Station in Chundel, Kalpetta, the current year’s crop in Wayanad surpasses that of the previous year, resulting in an increase in the price of processed coffee beans, which now fetches between Rs 310 to Rs 340 per kilogram. This surge in coffee prices is attributed to climate change-induced production declines globally, increased demand, and shifting consumption trends favoring pure Robusta coffee over Arabica blends, contributing to the steady rise in prices in coffee markets.

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