Uncertainty Looms Over Staff Fixation in Public Schools, PSC Rank Holders in Limbo

The state government’s indecision regarding staff fixation in public schools has left candidates on the PSC rank list in a precarious position. Despite the Directorate of General Education’s report recommending the sanctioning of 1,75,220 posts in classes 1 to 10, the government has yet to take any action. With more than three months passing since the report’s preparation, the delay is causing uncertainty and anxiety among PSC rank holders who await appointments in LP and UP classes. Moreover, the elimination of 3764 posts this academic year further exacerbates the situation, potentially leading to the expiration of the rank list if no action is taken promptly.

The delay not only affects the prospects of PSC rank holders but also impacts teacher salaries and future staffing. Failure to act on the report could jeopardize the availability of positions in the next academic year, creating a ripple effect on the education system’s stability. Additionally, the timing of appointments is critical for ensuring timely salary disbursement to teachers, as per the established norms. However, with the process still stalled, concerns grow over the potential consequences of prolonged indecision and its impact on staffing and educational standards in public schools.

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