Modi Interacts with BJP Workers in Kerala via Namo App

Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in an interaction with BJP booth level workers in Kerala through the Namo App, urging them to convey to voters that both the ruling LDF and opposition UDF in the state were essentially two sides of the same coin. He emphasized the need to inform voters about the alleged collaboration between the two fronts, especially outside Kerala, where they worked together to counter the BJP. The PM highlighted the dissatisfaction within Congress workers regarding UDF’s tactics, stating that such sentiments could work in favor of the BJP. Modi also addressed strategies for winning over voters at the booth level, including enhancing coordination among NDA workers, engaging with families, and highlighting the benefits of central schemes.

As part of the interaction, Modi suggested various tactics for booth-level BJP workers to ensure victory, such as organizing “tiffin meetings” for political discussions, personalizing interactions with families, and disseminating information about central schemes. He stressed the importance of reminding voters about the party’s symbol and candidate number, conducting marches, and leveraging social media for outreach. The PM commended the dedication of BJP workers in Kerala, expressing confidence that their efforts would lead to success in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. With Kerala set to vote on April 26, Modi’s interaction aimed to bolster the party’s grassroots strategies and energize workers for the electoral battle ahead.

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