Adani Group Confirms Operational Status of Vizhinjam Port by Onam Despite Controversies

The Adani Group has affirmed its commitment to ensuring the operational status of the Vizhinjam International Port Project by the upcoming Onam festival, amidst ongoing protests and controversies surrounding the development. Notably, a trial run of port operations is scheduled to commence in May, utilizing large barges loaded with containers.

Pradeep Jayaraman, the newly appointed CEO of the port, expressed optimism about completing the project in time to present it as a gift to the Malayali community during Onam celebrations. Progress on the construction front is substantial, with 90% of the breakwater’s total length already completed, along with significant advancements in the first phase of the berth and yard construction.

Key infrastructure components, including cranes and road connectivity, are nearing completion, with the installation of 32 cranes expected to be finalized in April. Additionally, efforts are underway to construct a container yard spanning 3,80,000 square meters to facilitate the efficient unloading of containers arriving at the port.

Several ancillary facilities, such as buildings for various purposes and fire protection systems, are in various stages of completion, underscoring the comprehensive approach to infrastructure development at Vizhinjam. Moreover, essential vessels and navigation equipment are set to be delivered soon to support port operations.

Once operational, Vizhinjam Port is poised to emerge as a pivotal node in the Adani Group’s expansive port network, connecting Haifa in Israel to Colombo in Sri Lanka. The group’s substantial investment of Rs 10,000 crore for the second and third phases of port development by 2028 underscores its long-term commitment to bolstering maritime infrastructure in the region.

However, challenges persist, particularly concerning the government’s unresolved payment obligations to the Adani Group for construction-related expenses. Addressing these financial concerns is imperative to ensure the seamless completion and sustained operation of Vizhinjam Port, thereby realizing its potential as a key economic asset for the region.

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