Climate Outlook: Higher Temperatures and Lower Rains Forecasted for April

Climate experts predict that the state will experience higher temperatures and lower rainfall in the month of April. Temperatures are expected to soar up to 41 degrees Celsius, particularly affecting districts like Kollam and Palakkad for the next five days. Despite the onset of summer, April is projected to receive less than normal summer rainfall, with an anticipated total of 105 mm compared to the average. This marks a significant deviation from last year’s average rainfall for the same period.

Moreover, the recent trend of reduced rainfall persists, with March recording a 69 percent decrease in precipitation compared to previous years. As the summer intensifies, concerns over water scarcity loom large, with wells and reservoirs already experiencing a decline in water levels by about two and a half meters. Rivers across the region have also witnessed a decrease in water levels, exacerbating the drinking water shortage. Coastal areas, already vulnerable to severe sea storms, are facing additional challenges, with residents grappling with the loss of homes and livelihoods due to coastal erosion. As the situation unfolds, proactive measures are imperative to mitigate the impact of these climatic changes and ensure the well-being of affected communities.

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