Unni Mukundan: A Perspective on Politics, Religion, and Cinema

Actor Unni Mukundan recently shared his thoughts on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his political inclinations in an interview. Despite acknowledging his admiration for Modi’s journey from Chief Minister to Prime Minister, Mukundan emphasized that he has not actively participated in political rallies or made any political statements. He expressed his belief in the democratic process, stating that the people of Kerala will ultimately determine the course of political change in the state.

Reflecting on his career in the film industry, Mukundan highlighted his resilience in the face of challenges and controversies. He credited the unwavering support of the Kerala audience for sustaining him as an actor despite external pressures. Mukundan underscored the importance of focusing on creating quality cinema, asserting that audience appreciation is paramount regardless of external influences.

Addressing the intersection of politics and religion, Mukundan emphasized his respect for Christianity and Islam while advocating for freedom of expression. He defended the use of the phrase “Jai Shri Ram” and the practice of visiting temples, rejecting the notion that these actions should be deemed unacceptable. Mukundan asserted that while others may view “Jai Shri Ram” as a political slogan, for him, it holds personal significance beyond politics.

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