Ola Unveils ‘Ola Solo’: India’s First Autonomous Electric Scooter with AI Features

Ola, a prominent mobility platform, has made waves in the electric scooter market with the launch of its latest innovation, the ‘Ola Solo.’ Positioned as ‘India’s first autonomous electric scooter,’ Solo introduces a range of features poised to transform urban commuting.

Equipped with cutting-edge AI capabilities, the Solo electric scooter incorporates Ola’s in-house developed chip, the LMA09000, to power its intelligent functions. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Solo utilizes an adaptive algorithm known as JU-GUARD, facilitating continuous learning from each ride to optimize efficiency and performance.

CEO Bhavish Aggarwal took to social media platform X to unveil Solo, emphasizing its disruptive potential in ride-hailing and local commerce. Highlighting its standout features, Aggarwal showcased Solo’s multilingual voice interface, powered by Krutrim’s AI technology, enabling interaction in 22 languages. Safety is prioritized with facial recognition technology for helmet activation, ensuring rider protection.

Solo seamlessly integrates into urban life with its ‘Human Mode,’ enabling friendly interactions with other vehicles and vendors along the route. Safety features include vibrating seat alerts for potential hazards. The scooter’s ‘Vishram Mode’ autonomously locates the nearest hypercharger when battery levels are low, ensuring uninterrupted journeys. Additionally, the ‘Summon Mode’ on the Ola app allows users to call for a Solo, which autonomously picks them up, redefining mobility-on-demand.

Ola Electric highlights Solo’s advanced capabilities, including the use of laser pulses for distance measurement and precise 3D mapping of surroundings. With Solo, Ola aims to revolutionize urban mobility, offering a smarter, safer, and more convenient commuting experience.

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