Rising Temperature Leads to Record High Electricity Consumption in Kerala

As temperatures soar in Kerala, the state has experienced a surge in electricity usage, reaching an all-time peak. On Monday, electricity consumption surpassed the previous record of 104.63 million units (mu) set on March 27, reaching 104.86 mu. Out of this, 20.15 mu was generated within the state, while the rest was imported. The daily purchase from the power exchange amounts to approximately Rs 22 crore.

In response to the increased electricity demand, the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) has announced a 19 paise per unit surcharge on April’s power bills. This surcharge includes a 10-paisa charge carried over from previous months and an additional 9 paise approved by the regulatory commission. The aim is to cover the extra expenses incurred by KSEB on power purchases in February, anticipating the rising demand during the summer season.

Despite the surging electricity consumption, there is some relief provided by the current storage levels of hydroelectric dams, which stand at 45 percent. Additionally, the anticipation of normal monsoon rains ahead brings hope for adequate water supply for hydroelectric power generation, providing a potential respite for the electricity board amidst the rising demand and surcharge imposition.

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